Bag it with +One!

Towards the end of Pune Design Festival 2013, the team was asked a question from one of the participants, “Could I have the flex banners of the Festival?… I want to make bags out of these.”

Thinking at that time it was a great idea that we could recycle our banners and also get a merchandise of our Festival, we gave all the branding material to that person.

The outcome of that chance meeting was a range of unique colourful bags of different sizes and functions- with not one bag looking the same.Image

But this post is not just about the bags for PDF. This post is about designer Amit Inamdar, who’s brainchild ‘+One’ is the force behind making these recycled products.

The idea of +One is that for every bag made or bought, another bag of the same quality is donated to an underprivileged child who cannot afford to have a bag. Till date Amit has put in his time, money and resources to ensure the cause does not die. His target for this year is to reach 5000 bags, so that 5000 kids can get a school bag free.


The story does not end here. This enterprising man has converted his house into a workshop and godown, and family time for him means working alongside his wife and his parents, who help him to cut the pieces of flex, do the accounts etc; and all this after working hours as Amit and his wife are working professionals.

It is a great initiative. And the products are recycled, long-lasting and also affordable.So go ahead, buy a bag from ‘+One today’ … you will have 3 benefits out of this purchase for sure: A great looking bag with no copy of it + Recycling and helping the environment + doing a good deed towards ensuring a child goes to school happy.

You can reach Amit on

Happy bagging!


One thought on “Bag it with +One!

  1. hi! m a student of std.9.from.Pune itself. m fond of art and keep interest in photography and logo designing. i would like to work with your group in same cases..please can you brief me about the same!

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