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04, Om Radha Kunj
122/2 Gangote Path, Erandwane
Pune, Maharashtra 411004

Sarvasva Designs –

For projects or work related enquires, connect with
Mukund and Darpana Athale, Directors
phone: + 91-20-65200213 (Pune)

General enquiries:

If you wish to work with us, drop a mail on:


4 thoughts on “Contact us

  1. Hi,

    Can you tell me more about your walks in Pune. I lead walks in Calcutta and am very keen on a national network of walking tours operators.

    Thanks and regards,

    Explorer Ifte

    1. Hello Iftekhar!
      Thanks for the interest in Pune Walks. We have been conducting these heritage walks in Pune since 2006 and have taken national and international people around. These walks cover heritage, architecture, culture and traditional crafts of the city.
      We prefer to take a group of min.5 to max.20 people on the walk at a time.
      Merchandise + water are given as part of the fees.
      You can contact me on for any further information regarding Pune Walks.

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