Heritage Management

I happened to hear Anand Kanitkar speak over the past two days, at various conferences.  Now working with UNESCO, Anand  has been looking at various aspects of heritage management, and had shared his views . I thought of compiling the points and putting it across so that we all could benefit from his ideas. Have also added some of my own, and will welcome more thoughts on the same.

Points for Heritage Management from other countries that India, especially Pune can incorporate :

1. Salvage Archaeology.
There should be a policy made for salvaging heritage artifacts.
Maintaining and Showcasing these artifacts in a proper manner is also important.

2. Visibility.
India has many world heritage sites, but not listed. We can create a global presence through heritage if properly channelised.
Accessibility to these sites is very important and must be encouraged at all levels.
Heritage can create the right economic turnover, if given enough exposure and visibility.

3. Create Awareness.

– For locals – creating pride, awareness and sensitivity. Starting with schools.
– Local authorities
– People staying around heritage sites
– Heritage property owners. (there should be an incentive for the heritage property owners from the State Govt. wrt their property taxes and maintenance)
–  Celebrating the heritage week, with free entries for people from all walks of life to come, see and even touch. This will encourage people to come more often. Like in Italy, events can be created specially at all times of day and night for people to experience their heritage differently.
– Involving the young generation, especially school children, so that they can know their history as well help educate others.
– Creating multi-sensory experiences

Tools that will help heritage management:

– Creating Conservation Centres for experts to come from all over the world.
– Study centres for locals and foreigners to know more about our heritage.
– 3D Scanning of Projects
– Creating physical and virtual museums.
– Using heritage sites for public events, so that people also take notice of these structures and feel the pride too.

I hope the people who want to bring in a positive change in this city are listening…and reading this post. And I hope we can work towards giving our heritage more respect and a place of pride within our daily lives.


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