New interactions as you travel…

Love to travel, and love to gaze at all the wonderful imagery that happens outside the car… and to be able to interact with it? Ooh, would love to!

This is a concept still and there’s only a working prototype, but a great one at that.  Developed by Toyota, in collaboration Copenhagen Institute of Interaction Design, Toyota’s concept cars feature ‘Windows to the World’ that allows interactivity when one is sitting at the back.

This is a window with several touchscreen functionality. It can be used to obtain information about objects outside, such as the distance of a house, or to entertain children with games, design software, digital zoom and so on. Besides giving children the ability to draw on the windows using only their fingers, Windows to the World could also include a pinch-and-zoom feature to enlarge far-away objects, show the distance between the car and various objects, and display the names of things zooming by the window in the tongue of the local residents. They even have plans for the sunroof, saying it could be used to display virtual constellations, complete with detailed information about the stars.





Drawing in motion allows passengers to use their fingers to “draw” on the rear windows. The image traced by your fingers then will move along the window as the image is moving away from the car.

Zooming into captured moments in time allows you to  pinch and zoom-in on outside objects. It’s like zooming-in an image on your iPhone or Android.

Translating the world in a local language gives users the ability to designate names of objects outside the window to be translated into the local language.

Augmented distances will allow the curious-minded to display the distance from the window to an object outside.

Virtual constellations utilize the vehicle’s panoramic roof to display virtual constellations and display information about them.

Watch the video:



And yet another interesting concept.

The next time you go to buy a Cadillac, you may get a chance to experience the new interactive window sticker created by Fusion92.

Using a new touch-sensitive translucent film technology, the design and development team of Fusion92  built a working prototype of an interactive window sticker. At first glance, it looks like any ordinary window sticker displaying price, features, fuel economy and such, but when a customer walks by the car the window comes to life, making the glass a fully interactive touch-screen kiosk. Users can customize all the features of the car, see the updated price, calculate loan payments, watch videos, share the car on Facebook and Twitter and sign up for more information.

Love this exciting phase of digital technology and interaction media that allows us to connect differently and experience another side of the experience.

So next time, you may want to leave the driving to someone else. 😉


2 thoughts on “New interactions as you travel…

  1. Anjana… we can choose to stay simple, and yet also be happy to know we have the choice to get more than what was expected- if we don’t want interaction with the window we can simply look out/roll the glass down/etc etc… I think that is the key to it all- to be able to make a choice out of multiple options…

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