The new rupee

The 2 Rupee coin

The latest coins issued by the Government of India have the new symbol of the Rupee.  Overall, I do think the composition of the entire graphic face of the coin is rather uncluttered, simple and pretty effective. The design also showcases the national flower of India- the lotus.

And the new symbol is clear for all to see, thereby popularising it for sure.

Most of the times, we as humans prefer the visual experience. A successful design stems from this basis that ‘form does follow function but is appealing too by its own merit’. Good graphics communicate far more than words can ever, especially if one wants to reach out to a larger and inclusive audience.

The new rupee coin is a good example of this thought process- only where the graphics are concerned on the coin.

Sometimes though, the form also ensures or indicates the function. And good design means looking at the entire picture and then finding solutions. Here the new range of coins has failed. The size of the coin has been made a size smaller… the new 2 rupees coin is of the size the earlier 1 rupee coin was, which in turn looks like the earlier 50p coin.

Not just confusing, but this is a visual disadvantage that has been created. People are used to a certain size now, and associate that size with the amount of money given out.  And chances are that people are going to miss some more money than intended. Which is not a small or trivial issue for those who have to literally save for a tomorrow.

I feel the new coins should have remained the same size as the earlier ones or should have got a different colour- like the gold and steel finish that the 10rupees coins have been given. Then the size would not have been such an issue, as people would easily bracket these coins in the ‘new’ segment and also remain aware of the size.

Size does matter and how… more importantly, design matters.

Older version of the 10 rupee coin
10 rupee coin with new symbol

4 thoughts on “The new rupee

  1. Darpana, your comment about the size of the coins is absolutely correct Besides, isn’t the ten rupy coin a copy of the 2 British Pound coin ? Must we always be copycats ? Our Govt. seems tothink we have no talent even for designing new coins ! What a shame !
    – Gokhale uncle

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