I often wonder if we live according to the way we design.

Simplify through design is Sarvasva’s byline. When we are designing a product or a system or even a process, the aim is always to simplify the end result for it to be understood, and to make it interactive/communicative – basically to connect. We look at complex ideas and break it down to something that is easier to comprehend.

In fact most of the great designs of the world have always been simple, or at least seem simple at first appearance.

Then, do we designers live as simply as we design or think? So often, in relationships, in public and social life, we as humans within a society tend to do just the opposite- make a simple aspect into a complex web of ideas and thoughts. Compounded further by our feelings. And most often than not, this only adds to complex issues, competitiveness, negativity.

Our professional and personal lives are not really mirror images of each other. Is it not time to de-stress ourselves and go for simplification?

– Darpana Athale.


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