7 thoughts on “Sahara Pune Warriors _ Logo Design & Name.

  1. Darpana ,

    U r right …and the worst part logo depicts that its a horse racing event !!!!! Clearly Subroto Roy has been bolwed out b4 playing the first ball.



  2. Great Blog! Would appreciate if you’d contribute an article or a series to our online portal. We publish on design and development in South Asia, with a print publication slated for end 2010.

    Best wishes.

  3. exactly my thoughts…i liked almost all the current IPL teams logos and was actually looking forward for this one..turned out to be a huge disappointment. i still wish they’d change it before they debut next year.

  4. sorry but i dont think i can like this logo from any point of view. its too obvious , detailed, adaptations are impossible. Goodness, theres brilliant talent out there. The name is okayish! but the logo can be totally spunked up ! i mean more modern cos just cos ur called the PUNE WARRIORS does’nt mean you belong to a way way bygone era!
    Oh common Pune is happening and elegant at the same time .
    lets show the world that!

  5. Dear Reader,
    I personally admire the logo designer !
    I Personally welcome Sahara Group and so to the DADA Saurav the Greatest! !

    I see all encopassing pride and honour of Pune and its glorious past depicted in the Logo !
    I see the logo reminding every Indian national of the greats like Shivaji Maharaj the greatest,Thorla Bajirao the bravest,Tilak ,Savarkars and Chaphekars and so on and on ….. !The Team of Pune Warriors standa as tall as Himalaya and it’s deeds are even greater than Himalaya !
    I see Sahara Pune Warriors holding IPL-V cup high on the final Day !
    I see DADA and his team taking a tiger’s leap and grip on the IPL V Championship !
    I once again thank and congratulate the logo designer and the SAHARA group for supporting the Pune Warriors !
    Bye everybody ! Bye every Pune Warrior ! Bye every cricket lover !

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