Lunkad Skystation

Sarvasva Designs recently worked on a project of ‘bringing life’ to a newly built corporate building- Lunkad Skystation. Although the building’s design is very functional and suited to house the many offices in it, it also came across as very sombre structure.

We were called in for the signage, as well as graphic and communication design. We used colour to create that contrast within the overall space with the help of graphics, centrally placed, yet covering the service ducts. And also large quotes on team building, etc made in Stainless steel.

Graphic on the duct door

Large quotes in Stainless Steel broke the monotonous expanse of the lift wall, which spans 7 floors.

This subtle change created a tremendous impact on the overall space.
All the pictures shown here are during the installation.

Another graphic in corridor.
Quote in SS at fourth floor level.
This quote is on the 6th floor level. Harnesses and scaffolding were used to fix the quotes.
Working on the graphic in the basement
A 3D cut-out welcomes one from the parking into the office space.

One thought on “Lunkad Skystation

  1. Excellent work. Are you doing similar at Skymax too ? Am an architect and would be happy to associate you in future projects.

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