PKN Pune-vol2 : A great experience!

With the first volume of Pune’s PKN seeing about 100 people, it came as no surprise to see almost double that number for the second PKN here in Pune, held on 22nd Jan 2010.

A cozy venue of the Sawai Gandharva Auditorium ensured that people could interact, be comfortably seated as well as hear and see the presentations well.

What is interesting about the venue is that its foundation has been laid by Pandit Bhimsen Joshi, one of the doyens of classical music in India, and a guru for most music lovers. And a simple rule of keeping footwear outside the auditorium, to ensure the sanctity of the space and performance, makes this place even more endearing and informal.

Which set the pace for the second PKN in Pune.

People came in early, almost an hour early to get good seats. And as the clock struck 20:20, the 200 seater auditorium was nearly full.

The mix of presenters was very good, the topics were varied and actually showed a completely different aspect of that speaker, not usually seen in their professional lives.

Topics ranged from caricatures, sculpture, music, art, photography & poetry to community services, other aspects of medicine and even childhood memories. The presentations were a mixture of humour, seriousness, indepth thoughts and connected well with the audience. Which made the evening extremely entertaining, inspiring and informative- something that all PKNs aspire for.

The most rewarding aspect being that many of the audience categorically said they will not miss any PKN anymore, and also quite a few mentioned and wrote to us saying that they were inspired to get more creative and go back to that childhood hobby or talent that was now hiding.

Hurrah! Here’s to many more PKNs in Pune, which should keep getting bigger and better…
A big big thanks to Mukund and Team Sarvasva who have helped organised it all.
And to all those who helped us, encouraged us and presented for us.

Darpana Athale.

Organised by Sarvasva Designs Pvt Ltd, Pune.
Shared and devised by Klein Dytham architecture, Tokyo.

The speaker list and topics for PKN Pune-vol 2 were as follows:
1. Ravi Gadre – ‘Caricatures’
2. Max Babi- ‘Music- Food for soul’
3. Ruchi Singhal – ‘ Sculpture & Anatomy’
4. Darpana Athale – ‘Moments. Memories. Meanings’ A Photo-poetry essay on the people of Pune.
5. Maitreyi Doshi – Trash Can community project, Baltimore, USA
6. Milind Mullick – ‘Watercolour paintings’
7. Dinesh Katre – ‘Memories of my childhood in Satara’
8. Dr.Parag Mankeekar – ‘Caterpillar…exodus beyond medicine’

The next PKN is on March 5th, 2010 – as part of the ‘Design Fest ’10’ – the annual design fest in Pune, organised by a group of design firms. Sarvasva Designs is the co-organiser of this Festival.


2 thoughts on “PKN Pune-vol2 : A great experience!

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