A new resurgence of the internet.

At the beginning of the month I had talked about the first ever online exposition in the world- the AEC World Expo, brought out by the leading Indian architecture and design magazine- IA&B. I happened to be one of the fortunate ones to not only have been invited for the launch party of this unique site (no,not just virtually), but also to have participated in one of their technical seminars, again online. See http://www.aecworldexpo.com to know more.

Few days ago, I was also invited to be part of the INDEX Awards 2009; which is being ‘telecast’ in the virtual world- a first of its kind event. Today, on 28th August 2009, the INDEX Awards will be telecast from Copenhagen, 8pm onwards. And one can view the same on http://www.designtoimprovelife.dk/index.php

So an architecture and design expo with workshops, seminars, talks and more; and also a design award…both the first-of-their kind products and both online. Also both happen to be design related. Which just goes to show design does make a difference and leads the world into innovation.

And when I thought that was all, today’s local paper talked about India’s first ever web serial. Now web serials have been on since the nineties, but this is the first time that India has jumped on the bandwagon.

Creativity does make a difference. And design does matter. More than people estimate. Now, sit back and enjoy the experience, virtually!



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