RIP Anant Raje.

I met Anant Raje many years ago- I was writing an article on his works and had gone to Ahmedabad to meet him. Not sure what I was expecting, but I did not expect to see this nice, warm old man walking towards me. Very humble and down-to-earth, with a twinkle in his eyes. Sort of a Santa Claus, I thought. And so unlike a stalwart in his field.

He took me around the campus and gave me a personal tour of the IIM building, and explained the structure to philosophy of the architecture- it was an astounding lecture. One I can still visualise. Which is why whenever I have gone to IIM after that (once with Bimal Patel), I somehow always land up seeing the place with Anant Raje in it.

As time passed, and I could not keep up with the correspondence as I had earlier done, unfortunately Anant Raje became just a memory and a name in my list of works. And as I left the magazine and started my own firm, there was no interaction at all. Which is why I did not hear of his passing away till two days ago.

As I am sitting down writing this post, with the rain falling outside my window, I can see his smiling face. And its one that brings a lot of sunshine amidst the grey memories.

Dear Prof. Anant Raje, RIP.

– Darpana.


One thought on “RIP Anant Raje.

  1. Darpana – I share your kind thoughts for this wonderful teacher and person for his knowledge that he shared with us at CEPT Ahmedabad. The spectacular lecture on Kahn’s Kimbell Museum which I shall never forget for in those 45 minutes I learnt about the poetry in structure of architecture, the changing light of the clouds and felt the breeze. Above all the values of commitment to architecture he has left for us to live on. Soumitro Ghosh

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