Smart Ads

For the past few days I have been looking at the Idea ‘Walk when you talk’ ad and have been suitably impressed. At first, I was not really impressed with it, but then when Mukund pointed out a small detail, which is actually very big, I realised what this ad can do.

Apart from connecting on an emotional level, wherein the customer is made to think about his/her health and so walk, it also goes to say ‘walk the talk’. But the biggest USP of this ad is not what it gives to the customers, but what it gives to the client. If one actually realises and observes, one tends to talk more when we walk. So more talk time results in more money for the company! What an idea, Sir ji!

There is another ad that has rightly caught on the undercurrent of moods and emotions of the working class of this country. The Cadbury’s ad of “pehli taarik”. It encourages people to have a sweet (in this case, chocolate) because it is the first of the month. Yes, all of us look forward to this day, because we get our salaries. And what better way to celebrate this moment of having some cash in hand during this recession period, than a nice ‘sweet’. In India, it is tradition that we give/take sweets on every small/big joyous occasion, and this ad has managed catching that emotion really well.

Smart Ads are not just those that are effective and unique enough to catch your eye and make you take notice of them. They go beyond the idea of selling a brand to actually make the customer buy the product.

– Darpana.


3 thoughts on “Smart Ads

  1. Darpana,

    Actually I can’t talk when I walk, I have to stop somewhere and then talk.

    Also if you talk while you drive, it may lead to an accident. The same with me, if I talk when I walk then I might bump into someone.

    ~ J

  2. Couldn’t agree with you more, John. I too cannot walk and talk really.
    But you’ll be surprised as to how many people are going to think this a great idea and actually try walking while talking. 😉

  3. i completely agree with the implications of both the advertisements you have pointed out, and truly, they are small details, but such important ones…

    didnt know you write a blog too…was nice reading it.


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