Twitter on…

Mukund and I just joined Twitter recently, and simply love the format. It’s so easy to connect to everybody and be updated on not just people, but even happenings, events, companies and more. With just a line, you are in touch with someone, somewhere.

I think ‘making connections’ is the key to everything in the future.

At Sarvasva, we believe in this future and have therefore taken up many initiatives towards it. The very talked about ‘Pecha Kucha’ is one such event. Just yesterday, the Indian Express newspaper carried an article on the same and our initiative of getting it to Pune.

‘Design Intersect’ is another such event. Aimed to be a ‘people to design’ connect, the idea is to throw open design to public through various installations, exhibitions and A/V presentations. This is not to preach or lecture about design, but just to let it be stimulated into the senses. A lot of people in India are not aware of what ‘Design’ is, or how it can affect our everyday lives. And very few designers even bother to push it beyond the realm of the office and client space. But design has been and is about social impact. And if we cannot think to make that connection with the public realm, we are missing out on the key element to design.

Connecting alumni from college is another interesting exercise we have got into. Our college, the Academy of Architecture, is 52 years old and we never had an alumni reunion, leave aside an alumni association. Thanks to great connectors like Facebook and Orkut, we were able to get in touch with 300+ ex-students of the college and organised a grand reunion party for all batches. The power of connection, Jai ho!

Coming back to Twitter. If you just read through the many tweets, especially of responses to a particular tweet, it’s crazy how much information is within your reach and also how you suddenly get updated and are also in the global scene of things, all within minutes. Its as if the future is unfolding around you, and you are a part of that important moment.

You can reach me on to know more on what Sarvasva is upto.



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