Design in ‘Spare Time’???

'Encash your Spare Time'?'

Saw this poster and many of these actually, in the streets and bylanes of Pune. Makes me wonder if Design is now relegated to a ‘housewife’s hobby’ that one can learn and do during their spare time?!

(c) Darpana Athale, 2008.


4 thoughts on “Design in ‘Spare Time’???

  1. Yes its really sad how a design institute uses the word ‘design’ so liberally, without understanding the meaning of it. I pity the students who shall join the institute.

  2. Live & let live is my credo. I’m sure people say the same thing about your design firm sarvasva. Besides why shouldnt housewives turn into designers. You are an architect yourself? So why are you into interior designing? Why did you waste precious years just to become an interior designer? You think you are a top class designer to belittle housewives? People living in glass houses shouldnt throw stones at others.

  3. * Sangita – I agree!

    * Vishnu – The ‘encash your spare time’ really got to a lot of people…

    * Nammy – Ahhh, you’ve missed the point completely! The point is not about housewives turning into designers… but about ‘design’ being looked at as a hobby. A doctor’s or an architect’s degree is got after 5 years of hard work, an engineer’s after 4 years… can anyone do these in the spare time and call themselves a doctor, engineer or architect? Similarly, a designer has to study for a minimum period of 4 years to get the right technical and creative foundation…
    People pay in lakhs to study and become a doctor, architect, engineer, MBA, designer…One cannot become any of these by just taking classes of few hours as a side thing. There is a difference between being creative and specialising for a job…
    Not just about the years and money, but when you are going to be trained in a specialised field where the course is something that is looked as can be done in the spare time, what is the level of seriousness or the standard of teaching that one can expect?! Do you know it is because of such courses that there are so many ‘interior designers’ and ‘interior decorators’ who learn how to do up a place but not the technicalities and so go ahead and break structural elements, which may lead to a building collapsing. And such cases have happened.

    Technical courses like architecture, engineering and design should be taken seriously because they affect people in masses. And there is a whole lot of responsibility that goes into it.

    Maybe the word ‘housewife’ struck a wrong chord with you?! Well, its a matter of a phrase and has got nothing to do with housewives in particular.

    And where Sarvasva is concerned, I think you need to do a little bit of homework. Sarvasva believes that everybody is creative, which includes housewives, children, old and young…everybody. And if you knew the stuff we at Sarvasva do to encourage people to ‘create’ and ‘be creative’, you would not have commented thus. But then again, a person may be really talented and creative, but a designer he/she does not become…

    Regarding me… I believe and know that ‘design’ is all encompassing, especially architecture that teaches ALL aspects of design. And btw, for your information, interior design is part of architecture and is taught within the course too. It’s not a different field like you imagine it to be. Maybe thats why you need to understand what ‘design’ really means.

    And oh, I am a housewife too and proud to be one. 🙂

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